Thursday, October 28, 2010

Montreal Snapshots-Claudia Urbach paintings

Café Depot, Montréal, QC
Oil on Canvas, 24x36 in.

Crossing Sherbrooke, Montréal, QC
Oil on Canvas, 18x24 in.

Here are two Montréal paintings...I enjoyed tackling these ones!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Timeraiser Art Claudia Urbach

Another painting of mine was picked/sold this year to the 2010 Timeraiser; I'm excited to see that it's the first picture in the information pamphlet. Zak's was a challenge to paint (but I love challenges) and I'm glad it's going toward initiating a 'civic footprint.'

Timeraiser is a great cause; if you would like to volunteer for agencies in and around Ottawa and would like a chance to own incredible artwork, be at the opening night on November 13, 2010. All of the artists' work will be displayed in the National Gallery. Tickets are on sale now.

For more information:

Selections 2010 Shenkman Centre Claudia Urbach

Here is a painting of Africa currently at the juried Selections show at the Shenkman Centre in Orléans. The show runs during October. It's a great group show--go check it out! Here is the link: